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Glossary - D-H

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Device for cutting, scoring, stamping, embossing and debossing.

Die Cutting
Process of using sharp metal rules on a wooden block to cut out specialised shapes such as presentation folders

Dot Gain
When dots print larger than intended, causing darker colours, due to the spreading of ink on the paper. The more absorbent the stock, the more dot gain.

Dots per inch. The more dots per inch, the higher the resolution and quality of an image.

To colour a grayscale (mono) image using two colours.

Include an image or graphic element in a file as opposed to linking to it externally

Stamp a raised (or depressed) image into the surface of paper after printing, using engraved metal embossing dies, pressure and heat. Includes blind, deboss and foil-embossing.

Stands for Encapsulated PostScript, a generic computer file format used by the printing and graphics industries.

Foil Emboss
To foil stamp and emboss an image.

Folio (page number)
The actual page number in a publication.

Fountain Solution
Liquid the stops ink from adhering to the nonimage area of a printing plate.

Shades of grey ranging from black to white

Paper weight is measured in grams per square metre

The inside margins toward the back or the binding edges of a publication

Heat-set Web
Printing press equipped with an oven to dry the ink for printing on coated paper.

High-key Photo
Photo that has the most detail in the highlights.

Lightest parts of a photograph as compared to midtones and shadows.

Stands for hue, lightness, saturation. One of the color-control options often found in design software.

A specific color such as yellow or green (independent of lightness or intensity).