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Saddle Stitch
To bind by stapling sheets together where they fold at the spine.

Satin Finish
Dull finish on coated paper. Between matte and gloss.

To identify the percent by which photographs or art should be enlarged or reduced to achieve, the correct size for printing.

Electronic device used to scan an image.

To compress paper along a straight line so it folds more easily and accurately. Also called crease.

Screen Angles
Angles at which screens are printed. The common screen angles for separations are black 45 degree, magenta 75 degree, yellow 90 degree and cyan 105 degree.

Screen Density
Refers to the percentage of ink coverage that a screen tint allows to print. Also called screen percentage.

Screen Printing
Method of printing by using a squeegee to force ink through a mesh stencil.

Screen Ruling
Number of rows or lines of dots per inch or centimeter in a screen for making a screen tint or halftone.

Self Cover
A publication that doesn't use separate cover stock. A publication only using text stock throughout.

Usually in the four-color process arena, separate film holding qimages of one specific color per piece of film. Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. Can also separate specific PMS colors through film.

Darkest areas of a photograph or illustration, as compared to midtones and high-lights.

Sheetfed Press
Press that prints sheets of paper, as compared to a web press.

Allowance, made during imposition, to compensate for creep.

Printed sheet folded to become part of a publication.

Back or binding edge of a publication

Spiral Bind
To bind using a spiral of continuous wire or plastic looped through holes. Also called coil bind.

To slightly enlarge the size of an image to accomplish a hairline trap with another image.

Subtractive Color
Color produced by light reflected from a surface, as compared to additive color. Subtractive color includes hues in color photos and colors created by inks on paper.

Abbreviation for specifications for web offset publications.

Publication size. 11 x 17 inches. Half of a broadsheet.

Tagged Image File Format. Computer file format used to store images.

Positive photographic image on film. Also called chrome, color transparency and tranny.

Trim Size
The finished size of a publication

Uncoated Paper
Paper that has not been coated with clay. Also called offset paper.

Undercolor Addition
Technique of making color separations that increases the amount of cyan, magenta or yellow ink in shadow areas. Abbreviated UCA.

Undercolor Removal
Color separations where cyan, magenta and yellow ink is reduced in midtone and shadow areas and the amount of black is increased to compensate. Abbreviated UCR.

UV Coating
Liquid applied to a printed sheet, then bonded and cured with ultraviolet light.

Web Gain
Paper stretching as it passes through the press.

Web Press
Press that prints from rolls of paper, usually cutting it into sheets after printing.

With the Grain
Parallel to the grain direction of the paper being used, as opposed to against the grain.